Teaching Philosophy & Topics

„One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.“
– Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.


„Have courage to use your own mind!“
– guiding principle of the enlightenment, Immanuel Kant.

These are two quotes on my desk that accompany me in my research and teaching.

I see myself as a graduate, but still never out-learned individual. It is important to me to always have the courage; to question anew, to be inspired and moved anew and to question and be questioned. My teaching and lectures should be full of curiosity, of thinking ahead, as well as questioning. My concern, besides teaching content and successfully marking exams, is to encourage and help students to get rid of „the inability to use their minds without the guidance of another“. Attitudinally, the ‚right‘ and ‚important‘ questions are more significant to me than simple and straightforward answers, and the art of deliberation in an increasingly polarized world is a very high and desirable good.

I very much enjoy giving talks and lectures in different context within and outside of academia and to discuss research findings various applied contexts. If you are looking for a speaker contributing to your training seminar, conference, or event, please feel free to get in contact to discuss possibilities of involvement.